Ideas in Hiring

A few weeks ago, we met Shekhar Kirani from Accel. Shekhar has been a friend to Aplopio/Recruiterbox, and we often discuss about the hiring space. I was particularly excited about the ideas he mentioned this time.

  • Employers need to write better job descriptions. Ones that truly represent what a potential employee would experience if and when he/she joins. Most JDs are just drab, dry, characterless prose. Is there a way to improve this?
  • Today, most inbound recruiting efforts involve employee referrals and recruiters. What if we could extend the employee referrals to look like recruiters. Imagine a network of people (say, devs) who have other good professionals (other devs) in their network, and refer these professionals for a fee. They are better than recruiters because these guys are devs themselves, and consequently better at identifying other good devs. Some people are just good at identifying and curating talent.